Top 5 Hollywood TV Web-Series

1. Game of Thrones Series

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is Action, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure Web-Series. Here are the tricks of politics of seven states. The main story of this series is the battle for the throne of seven kingdoms and revenge for the murder of the father. There are a total of eight seasons in this series. All in all, this series is a great web series with a rating of 9.3.

2. Viking Series

The Viking series is based on the true story of the 7th century European pirate Luther King. Here Lord Ragnar and his wife Lagarta crossed the sea with their men and came to England to loot gold. But their dream is to come to England and settle down. This series contains Action, Drama, Adventure. You can understand the details by watching more series.


3. The Wicher  Series

The witcher is an Action, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure Web-Series. In this series, Riviera Geralt, a solitary monster hunter, hunts monsters that kill people. At such a time he may know that his destiny is to save a princess. The series will have to be seen to see if he can finally save the princess. The rating of this series is 8.3. Season 2 has just come out.


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4. Money Heist Series

Money heist web-series is about a group of Spanish bank robbers. Shown here is a group of the most perfect robbers in Spanish history who fooled the government. They are led by their professors from outside. Before going to the bank, they make all kinds of preparations so that there is no problem. They are always one step ahead of the police. You have to watch the whole series to finally know how they succeed. The rating of this series is 8.3. It has a total of 6 seasons.

Money Heist

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5. The Wheel of Time Series

The wheel of time in this series is based on Robert Jordan's book series. Here a woman named Moirine crosses the path with five young men and a woman, one of whom Moirin thinks has been reincarnated as a dragon. Dragon destroyed everything many years ago but before he died he said that he would be born again to save the people from the enemies of the Dark Site. So Moirain took him to a safe place to protect him from the enemy's attack on the Dark Site until the Dragon successor could regain his power. This series contains action, adventure, fantasy. Its rating is 7.2.
The wheel of time

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